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New Transatlantic Partnership to Accelerate Corporate Performance & Energize Stakeholder Engagement

New York, Edinburgh, Munich, Hamburg - Metropolis Group 360, the US-based strategic corporate and financial reputation advisors and Senior Strategists, the European stakeholder relations network, have formed a new international joint venture to provide a range of organizational change, leadership counseling, and communications services.

Leading this new venture will be, in the US, Andrew Goldberg, Metropolis CEO and partner in Senior Strategists; Stephan Altrichter, Metropolis Senior Partner and leader of its Enterprise Transformation practice; Rainer Ohler, founder of Senior Strategists; and his partners Ulf Bauer and Tim Orr covering Europe and UK respectively. The new venture brings together former chief communications and government communications officers of global firms, who are veterans of organizational change with a cross-disciplinary team of organizational and communications consultants.

“Our goal is providing stakeholder relations, organizational communications advice and support to companies and financial institutions of all sizes that are trying to remain both competitive and socially responsible in the face of a difficult global economy, the continuous pressures of epidemiological risk, accelerating technological change, and increasing social activism,” said Andrew Goldberg.

“Covid-19 is boosting digitalization, industrial and political change. Such disruptive change drives uncertainty. This calls for offering a new standard of support. We are combining proprietary methodologies for forging purposeful business cultures with teams of highly experienced, interdisciplinary advisors,” explained Rainer Ohler.

“The new international partnership will provide organizational strategy, executive and organizational communications support for companies facing business restructuring and realignment or are implementing new competitive, environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives,” explained Tim Orr.

“Our goal in these challenging times is to help our clients develop values based, trusted and motivated organizations that have the focus and common purpose required to adapt to these pressures,” added Ulf Bauer. “We are also including executive advisory and internal communications capabilities for event driven changes such as M&A activities, divestitures, and reorganizations.”

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