Continuous disruption. Relentless turbulence. Extraordinary pace and intensity. This is the technological, social, and economic environment facing all decision-makers.

Leaders charged with managing the reputations of corporations, financial firms, non-profit entities, and high-profile individuals must be clear-eyed about the reality and consequences of disruption.

Metropolis Group 360 is purpose-built to serve clients who want to draw on sophisticated advice, insights, and capabilities that help them adapt to—and benefit from—this era of disruption. In partnership with Senior Strategists, a premier European stakeholder consultancy, we offer a global network of support to our clients with our principal presence in New York, San Francisco, London, Edinburgh, Paris, Moscow, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, and Vienna.

Our team of seasoned, multi-industry experts offers communications strategies that effectively anticipate and address the needs of our clients’ various and often overlapping stakeholders—customers, investors, employees, opinion formers and influencers, communities, and governments.

Our Approach

Metropolis Group 360 was founded on the premise that today’s leading corporations and emerging brands need a trusted, data-informed partner to help them navigate the myriad communications issues, media channels and stakeholders impacting their business.
Using a fusion of data and behavioral science, we advise our clients on how to build reputations, win customers, mobilize stakeholders, and drive sustainable innovation.
The Metropolis Method lies at the nexus of analytics, behavioral science, and communications.

Our Services

Corporate Communications and ESG Services
At Metropolis 360, we believe that Corporate Communications as a discipline involves targeted communications directed at the right audiences, influencers, and stakeholders in order to achieve a meaningful impact on mindset and behavior.
We also believe that today’s corporation wants to communicate values that transcend financial and business impact. Hence, we maintain an active sub-practice in Environmental, Social, and Governance communications.
We use survey research, influencer tracking, and data mining to adapt the most appropriate communications to each stakeholder audience.
Organizational Transformation and Communications
In today's tumultuous business environment, Metropolis 360 supports the efforts of its clients to adapt their organizations to dynamic competitive conditions.
Extensive research by our colleagues at the research firm Innovisor indicates that in any given area, only 3% of the individuals in the organization influence the other 90%.
We incorporate three dimensions in our methodology:
  • Network analysis: uncovering the key 3% of influencers that one must communicate with and persuade.
  • Values alignment: using facilitated workshops to align the strategic views of top management with the ideas and input of organizational influencers.
  • Behavioral support and coaching: enabling management to be better communicators and role models of the values that drive the organization.
Financial Communications and Investor Relations
Financial communications' and investor relations' strategic roles have expanded greatly as financial markets become more complex, technological change accelerates, and firms redefine value to include not only financial metrics but also their impact upon a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • At Metropolis 360, we view our support for investor relations as a strategic, multifaceted, and integrated function, assisting the head of investor relations in aligning with the finance and communications functions as well as with strategy, M&A, corporate governance, sustainability, and corporate development.
  • Our success comes from helping you enhance value through creating and sustaining a cohesive and compelling equity story; enabling successful communication through your regular quarterly reporting; and offering specialized support for significant marketplace events such as new equity/debt issues, M&A, restructuring, and leadership/lifecycle adjustments. 

Experience and Partnership

We are a seamless extension of your team. We bring deep industry knowledge in multiple sectors, as well as extensive experience working with complex organizations, challenging business situations, and dynamic market conditions.
In addition to providing integrated communications and reputation management services, Metropolis Group collaborates with experts and organizations across various disciplines to provide a best-of-breed, 360-degree approach to communications.
Andrew Goldberg



Andrew is the CEO of Metropolis Group 360 and a partner of Senior Strategists. He is directly responsible for four international practice areas: Financial and Corporate Advisory, Organizational Transformation and Change Communications; CEO Engagement Advisory; and ESG/Stakeholder Relations. 


His organizational transformation work includes image positioning for C-level executives and designing and implementing organizational improvement programs that enhance leadership, foresight, agility, and trust. In his corporate and financial advisory work, he focuses on optimizing investor narratives, reappraising business and stakeholder models, realigning leadership and governance processes, integrating ESG planning with business and go-to-market strategies.


His experience includes the full spectrum of challenges facing business leaders and boards in an era of dynamic change. These include corporate reorganizations, management transitions, and senior leadership succession, IPOs, M&A, restructurings, leadership transitions, and crises associated with litigation, regulatory issues. He has also assisted his clients in management programs that facilitate adaptation to digital innovation, changing business processes, and the integration of new and changing environmental, social, and governance practices. 


Prior to his work with Metropolis and Senior Strategists, he served as Chief Strategy Officer of mLogica Space, a satellite manufacturing company focused on providing space-based big data processing and laser communication; CEO of Pivot Red, a Burson-Marsteller unit;  Chairman of Burson-Marsteller’s global financial practice; and CEO of AGG/Prism, a firm with practices in corporate transformation, financial communications, and crisis and litigation, which he founded and sold to Burson-Marsteller.


Dr. Goldberg holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

Stephan Altrichter

Senior Partner 

Stephan Altrichter is a Senior Partner with Metropolis Group 360 and leads our organizational and business process transformation practice. He has a distinguished career in industry and management consulting. Most recently he served as C-level advisor and interim manager to start-ups and distressed companies. His longtime post as CEO of Porsche in Switzerland was preceded by senior consulting at AT Kearney and Bain & Company. He began his career at Daimler AG, serving in Japan, the US, and at their German HQ. He was a critical member of the team that relaunched the Mercedes brand in the face of severe competition from Lexus and Infiniti and pioneered Daimler’s global customer relationship marketing.

Ulf Bauer SW.jpg
Ulf Bauer

Senior Partner 

Ulf Bauer, Partner at Senior Strategists and Metropolis Group 360, specializes in corporate communications, government relations, and sustainability. In his last role, he served as Head of Corporate Communications, External Affairs & Sustainability with Aurubis AG, the world’s biggest copper recycler and a driving force in metal’s circular economy. Throughout his career, he worked with international blue chip companies from both the German DAX and MDAX indexes as well as from the British FTSE 100.


He worked in diverse leadership roles in the public and private sectors and gained his track record from a variety of sectors including military, politics, logistics & services, fast-moving consumer goods, and mining & metals.


Ulf started his career with the Federal Armed Forces of Germany as a mountain infantry officer which included his University Diploma in Business Administration and History. Thereafter he worked in the Federal President of Germany, Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog’s office as a spokesman in Bonn and Berlin. 


Following a period in corporate and CEO communications with the Deutsche Post DHL Group, he joined BAT plc covering corporate communications, government relations, and sustainability on national (in Hamburg), regional (in Brussels), and global level (in London). 


Ulf initiated and drove business change communications, led industry cooperation in business associations from a national to a global level, and held several board seats of national and international foundations as well as public relations institutions.

Amy Leveton

Senior Partner

Founder & CEO, AmyLev Strategies

Amy Leveton is a strategic partner to Metropolis Group 360, with 22 years of insights, marketing, and communications expertise.  With PSB, a subsidiary of BCW and a WPP company, from 1998-2019, she was the firm’s first female Vice President, Managing Director and Executive Vice President. Amy is an expert in translating market research into winning strategies that allow her clients to succeed in competitive environments. From corporate reputation, brand positioning, and stakeholder engagement to rapid visual polling, crisis work, and tracking, she helps develop strategies and tactics for companies that face scrutiny in a global and rapidly changing business environment. Amy is a strategic partner for Fortune 500 corporations in the technology, consumer goods, retail, and QSR industries. She has also been instrumental in achieving victories for a range of political candidates in the US and abroad and led polling for Hillary Clinton during the Secretary of State’s 2000, 2006, and 2008 political campaigns.

PRWeek magazine named Amy as one of its “40 Under 40”, which honors public relations practitioners who demonstrate “innovative thinking, strong determination, and results that indicate a long and successful career in the PR industry.” Amy was also honored as one of Politics Magazine’s “Rising Stars.” She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan Honors College, with dual degrees in political science and psychology.  She has taught MBA level classes at Arizona State University’s, W. P. Carey School of Business and serves on the Board of Directors for the Brem Foundation to Defeat Breast Cancer and on the Next Generations Board for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Rainer Ohler

Senior Partner

Founder of Senior Strategists, Rainer Ohler has been an international manager and communicator for more than twenty years. His focus is on strategy and optimization of stakeholder relations, especially in large projects, crises, and reputation issues.

He provides strategic advice on leadership communications, corporate change, and stakeholder engagement. Rainer has “seen it all” over a 25-year career with Airbus in Germany and France. For 13 years (2006-2019) he served as SVP Public Affairs & Communications for the aircraft manufacturer and later as EVP Communications of the Airbus Group. 


He has a rich experience in corporate transformation, M&A, consolidation and integration, restructuring, rebranding, and international expansion. He has also successfully lead the communications on a huge number of corporate events and crisis such as accidents and product issues, WTO trade conflicts, international tenders/competitions, management transitions and CEO successions, E&C issues, judicial investigations, shareholder disagreements, activist shareholder activity, government interference, etc. 

Rainer led Airbus’ environment and public affairs departments spearheading the company’s engagement and communications on environment and biodiversity protection, CO2 emissions reduction as well as alternative fuels research.   

He was born in Bonn and served for more than two years in the German Armed Forces and the NATO HQs in Belgium. He is a registered lawyer in Munich, Germany, and obtained his doctorate in law in 1991.

Dr. Ohler started his career in the German parliament and later served in the Federal Chancellery under Chancellor Kohl. In 1995 he moved to Daimler-Benz Aerospace (Dasa) in Munich as Executive Assistant to the CEO Manfred Bischoff. In 2006, he was appointed Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications at Airbus in Toulouse and as a Member of the Supervisory Board of Airbus Deutschland. Ohler was responsible for political affairs, company security, environmental affairs and communications.

MM_Headshot 2.jpg
Matt Makovsky

Senior Partner 

Matt is the CEO of SKYLABS, the global innovation consulting firm that has helped Fortune companies like Ford, Verizon, HP, Nike and others develop new businesses, products and technologies for the future. 


Matt has nearly two decades of experience in innovation, strategy, sales, marketing and communications experience across myriad consumer and B2B industries. He has worked both in-house at the NFL and at global agencies including Hill & Knowlton and Makovsky.


Matt holds a Bachelors in Communications from UPENN & an MBA from Columbia. He sits as a board advisor for The Vatican in Rome and SportsEd TV based out of Miami.

Tim Orr

Senior Partner 

Tim Orr works as a branding and communications specialist and is a member of the Senior Strategists consultancy team that is now partnered with the US consultancy, Metropolis 360 Group. Tim has been in brand and communications for over 30 years, holding senior roles in many large international companies including GEC-Marconi, Pilkington Optronics, Thales, and latterly was Head of Brand for Airbus. 


Tim now focuses on transforming and re-positioning brands - giving companies and organizations the right external and internal brand and communications approach. This enables them to embrace a fully purpose/values-led strategy that brings tangible, measurable results. 


Through his 25 years of professional branding and communications, Tim has gained extensive experience and skills in brand management, advertising, exhibitions, events, media relations, and crisis management, gained in the aerospace, defense, technology, service, and transport sectors. All of Tim’s roles have been working at an international level and running large multi-national teams.


Tim was born in Northern Ireland and attended schools in both Belfast and Scotland. Tim graduated from Dundee University with a Master’s Degree in Arts and Social Sciences. From university, he served a short service commission in the Royal Navy reaching the rank of Lieutenant.


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